Mobile phone

*UPDATE* 2/1/2011 A caveat dear reader, you may save more or less depending on your current situation. You may not save much of anything if you are currently on a corporate sponsored plan via your employer. MY APOLOGIES MATT. -Sean Time to read: 3 min I love optimizing as much as I love saving money. [...]

Many of my friends have radically different communication styles than me. This is interesting to me because many of my friends are impossible to get on the phone. Some have over the last 10 years, emailed less than 10 times. Friends who would never use Twitter will text almost non-stop. With these thoughts in my [...]

I am trying to improve my accessibility and cut down on distractions at the same time. To do this, I started using a service currently in beta called AwayFind. This basically is a service to let people cut in line in my email box, and send me a direct notification to my phone. I think [...]