3 Things I Like

I want to share 3 things with you that I really like at the moment. Affiliate links below. Clarisonic These gadgets do an amazing job at cleaning your face. I've had waves of horrible skin growing up. This device has given me cleaner, clearer skin. Lifeproof If you have an iPhone these are simply the [...]

Image by purpleslog via Flickr I have this limitation in my writing. I haven't written a list post with more than five items. This is a collection of all my fives you may have missed. Enjoy, or suffer, regardless, leave a comment. 5 Things That Rocked In My 30's 5 Things I Like 5 Sites [...]

I just got hit with a cluster of desire. Here is the snapshot. Waffles Netbook, super thin Hot chewy pretzel Lay-z-boy recliner The original Nintendo

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