Iron Man

Image via Wikipedia A question I have grown to loathe with an intensity that burns with the heat of no fewer than 9 firesides is “What do you do?” My distaste of this question is not in the asking of it. I welcome the interest in me, and my vocation. The true source of my [...]

Go Joe!

Still giddy with fanboy anticipation over the Iron Man movie that is coming out, I had a second shudder of joy when I say this picture. Yes boys and girls, this is Snake Eyes. From GI Joe. It is awesome. Movie looks like it will suck, but Snake Eyes will always be bad ass.A real [...]

Image via WikipediaOne of my favorite comic heroes from my youth was Iron Man. As a billionaire playboy arms dealer with an incredible imagination and the means to make it manifest, Tony Stark struck a chord with me. He wasn't strong, or imbued with mutant powers. He was rich, and smart, and built a super [...]