Image via CrunchBase The internet is a big place. With so many blogs and sharing sites from flickr to facebook it can be a challenge to know what's going on. I'm going to show you how to in 2010 make sure your digital ear is to the ground and check your online reputation. You will [...]

5 Things I Like

Image via CrunchBase I got the idea from Jason Calcanis, but here are 5 favorites of mine. Enjoy, post your own. Name: Roomba 530 Description: Press a button, it vacuums your place Importance: I work long hours. The Roomba lets me maintain a tidy, clean spot without costing me 45 min a week I to [...]


Image via WikipediaHappy holidays. Some quick updates. One, thanks for rating the posts. It's helped me identify what you like. Two, I have added Google Connect to the sidebar, so join! There was another item but I forgot.

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