So its May, and we just broke 70 degrees. Here are 5 things I've enjoyed and think you might to. Books Everyone Loves You When You're Dead: Journeys into Fame and Madness The interviews in this are just killer. Hunger Games I rarely read fiction books, but this was a fun story. The first book [...]

My Top 5 of 2010

Top Song - Ridaz by Eminem Top Book - Making It All Work by David Allen Top Apparel - Icebreaker Top iPhone App -Instagram Top Picture - Hard Times

Image by purpleslog via Flickr I have this limitation in my writing. I haven't written a list post with more than five items. This is a collection of all my fives you may have missed. Enjoy, or suffer, regardless, leave a comment. 5 Things That Rocked In My 30's 5 Things I Like 5 Sites [...]

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