I often see Facebook posts to the effect of “I lost all my contacts, send me your number”. Seeing this repeatedly, from the same people is what prompts this post. First, did you know Facebook has its very own phonebook? It’s accessible via your friends list. Click on Account, Edit Friends, and then on the left you [...]

Many of my friends have radically different communication styles than me. This is interesting to me because many of my friends are impossible to get on the phone. Some have over the last 10 years, emailed less than 10 times. Friends who would never use Twitter will text almost non-stop. With these thoughts in my [...]

Not long ago in the days before Facebook, the phone number was significant social currency. It gave others direct access to you. The only other choice in the old days was to give someone the keys to your house. Phone numbers were a big deal.  Now with the entire social networking sites, email, blogs, etc. [...]

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