The best gifts I receive have a personal touch. This holiday season I asked for a card sharing why I was important to the giver. I simply wanted a heartfelt card. I realize each year the importance of experiences, fun memories, over some doodad or trinket. IPods, TiVos and every device with an odd capitalization [...]

Is a hug. Or a punch in the shoulder. Perhaps a card. Provide me an experience, and less save on the stuff that comes wrapped in paper, unless the wrapping paper is cash. Cash wrapping paper is great, because you can spend it AND there is a gift inside.

I just found this link that has all the Christmas catalogs from 1979 to 1986. All the toys I lusted after a wee little boy are here. Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future, MASK, ThunderCats. I smiled when I saw my favorite toy ever, the GI Joe Shuttle Complex. This was a massive [...]