The ordinance requires an adult entertainment license for stands where baristas wear pasties that don't cover the bottom half of their breasts or thongs that don't fully cover their rear ends. Starting next month, employees and customers of such stands must be at least 18. Violators could be shut down as a public nuisance. via [...]

I've had some crappy service of late. I thought it was a good idea to really spread this crappy service model around. Now, the list. 1.  Act like my visit is a inconvenience- There are a ton of coffee stands around. Customers are coming for coffee and bluntly to buy a bit of friendship and [...]

Image via Wikipedia The last minute Friday EMERGENCY request that only YOU can handle, so long as it blows your weekend. Walking over and asking if I got your email which you sent just prior to walking over to ask me if I got it. Never being able to find printer paper. Lunches that stick [...]

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