Seriously people, this has to stop

No, really, it’s not a compliment

So, I am a bit beside myself.  Last night I got hit on by a dude.  That isn’t so shocking I suppose, except when you consider that I like dudes, just not in that way.  Since I have been working at my current company, I have heard more assessments on my sexuality, specifically, my gayness, than I ever have in my life.  

It’s a delicate situation, because while some of the coolest cats I know are gay, I am neither a cool cat, nor gay, and my me-ness is conveying only one of those two qualities.

For the people who know me well, they are already cracking up.  The whole concept is preposterous.  But here, in this bizzaro world I work in, me equals gay/bi.  The funny part to me is that all the women who witnessed this misadventure of mine tell me that I should be flattered, that woooo, I must rock if I can pull from both sides of the isle.  However, my straight brethren and I agree, that, no, it’s not a compliment.  Why?  Because a straight dude does not find being mistaken for anything else as a bonus.

The Author

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a management consultant in Seattle, WA