Recommended Online Dating Products For Men

Men often ask me for advice on what online dating products I would recommend. While many products are worth buying and yet it’s a challenging question because it depends on where a person is at in his learning journey.

It’s a reasonable question though. Depending on where a guy is at in his dating game I could comfortably recommend material by David DeAngelo, Vin DiCarloNeil Strauss , and even Paul Janka.

It is worth mentioning that no magic bullet exists. There is no product that is right for every guy.

Opportunities range from simple style and fashion issues to starting, and continuing quality conversations. Deeper learning material covering what it really means to create and develop a lasting attraction vs. flash in the pan one night action is an entirely different level.

Luckily there is material available, both free and paid that address all manner of coaching available online. From the beginner to the man who just wants to eliminate a very specific sticking point, like how to write effective emails, there is a product or resource available.

In a future post, I will do my best to share what I know. Admittedly, its not much, but There are somethings that I know enough to be helpful with. Hopefully it will serve as a bit of a FAQ, and I won’t have to answer another email.

The Author

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a management consultant in Seattle, WA