Productivity Tip #1:Email

Image via WikipediaEmail will drain your time and soul if you let it. When I check my email using the Gmail provided by Google, I want to see email sent directly to me, from people I like email from. People like my friends and family.

With spam, account notifications, social networking notifications, newsletters, etc. I easily get over 100 emails a day. That takes some time to wad through.

The elegant solution, if you want only the email you WANT to be in your in box, is to set up filters. My filters are _Followup, _Hold, and Bulk Mail.

Lets talk about bulk mail, this is just like it sounds, bulk mail from services, accounts, reminders, etc. Set up a filter. Lifehacker has a great tutorial here. And since you can have unlimited filters, just cruise through your inbox, striking down with filters any message you don’t want sent directly to your inbox.

Next i will share a tip on processing all your mail in the fastest way possible.

The Author

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a management consultant in Seattle, WA