Seattle Neighborhood Parking Laws Demystified

The Seattle Neighborhood Parking Problem

In many Seattle neighborhoods, off-street parking sucks. The situation is worse when people:

  • park on the street more than 3 days
  • park too close to driveways, making it difficult to enter and exit streets.

When you have issues like those described above, help is a phone call away. Contact the Seattle Authority to get some justice, and keep those streets just a bit safer.

For your viewing pleasure, the statute:

Seattle Municipal Code

Information retrieved January 29, 2010 12:32 PM


Subtitle I Traffic Code*

Part 7 Stopping, Standing, Parking and Loading

Chapter 11.72 – Stopping, Standing or Parking Restrictions

SMC 11.72.110  Driveway or alley entrance. No person shall stand or park a vehicle in front of a public or

private driveway within a street or alley or in front of or in an

alley entrance or within five feet (5′) of the end of a constructed

driveway return or alley entrance return, or if none, within five feet

(5′) of the projection of the edge of the driveway or alley.

(Ord. 108200 Section 2(11.72.110), 1979.)

What You Can Do

You can reach the Seattle Authority  by calling 206 386-9012

Visit for more information.

The Author

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a management consultant in Seattle, WA