Isn't it hard to declutter your things? We don't stop to think about how we declutter our lives. So often the focus is on bringing stuff into our lives. This post will answer the question, "Should I get rid of this _?" Remember to always use what works when you decide to change. Deciding to discard [...]

It will simplify everything. It's called the Hell test. I didn't invent it. Derek Sivers writes about it here:  The test is simple. When presented with a: Choice Decision Menu option Invitation You get the idea. When presented with a choice, replace all yes or no options with Hell Yes or Hell No. Use it [...]

  Can I be real for a second with you? Anytime you do something new you will get resistance. Remember: You choose your choices. Now, that said, simple living isn't for everyone. The notion of making choices, and acting in a way that, if you were Goldilocks(Shout out to the blondes!) lets you find the juuuuust right spot, [...]

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