My Next 5 Years: A Timeline Continued

This post is a continuation of my first five years. Check that out then come back here.

Year 6, 1984: I am starting to get good at video games. Transformers cartoon debuts, setting in motion my love of robots, drawing, cartoons, and technology. I start eating puddin pops, thanks to the Cosby Show.

Year 7, 1985: Forced to watch “The Color Purple“. Cry. As it turns out, only I like NEW Coke.

Year 8, 1986: Transformers The Movie debuts. I realize that it’s ok to curse, if your a robot about to be blown to smithereens. I also discover the insidious connection between children’s cable networks and full blown marketing campaigns. I also see the Challenger space shuttle blow up on tv. Mom starts watching Oprah. I start watching this new network called “FOX

Year 9, 1987: I have a walkman, and ride the bus listening to “Livin on a Prayer” by Bon Jovi.

Year 10, 1988: By now, I think I am grown.

Years 11-15 to be continued.

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