My Buddy, My Buddy, My Buddy & Me

Perception and reality. Brains in vats, or how do we meet anyone that we like.

I have met people. I have met people I like. In fact, I like most people I meet. People who know me, that is to say, people who have been exposed to me for a protracted period of time long enough to accept or simply ignore my flaws, tend to like me.

Like. Liking. I used to think that I really enjoyed people similar to me. Individuals that I had lots in common with. As I got older, I considered that I may be attracted to people that were simply my polar opposite. But honestly, I think I like people that like me. This can lead to some odd chicken vs egg timing issues. I guess I just need to play the numbers, and stop thinking about it. I’m going for a run.

  • Mandy

    Sometimes thinking is what gets into trouble. I say close your eyes and jump sometimes. You may be pleased at the outcome. We are all far too shallow I think when we keep our eyes open and our minds closed!

The Author

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a product marketing manager in Seattle, WA