In Memory Of My Mother

Today she would have been 54 years old. Cynthia Rene Spears Davila. All of my friends still have both of their biological parents living. Most spend quite a bit of time with them. I wonder what I would have turned out like with that kind of support. Would I be more or less successful? Would I be more or less happy? Would I have a family of my own? Would she be proud, disappointed, detached, over involved in my life? These are the types of questions I have. I’m pretty sure I don’t care. I hope you all call, write or email your mother today. Tell her you love her, because tomorrow isn’t promised today. Even better, send your mother flowers. Moms like flowers.

  • coco

    I’m so sorry Sean. This hurts so much to read. Yes both my parents are alive, but one was absent 110%. That is nothing like your loss, but I know that it has affected me. It sounds cliché, but I’m certain there’s abandonment stuff and an unfair distrust in men. I wonder if I would be a better person with him. Maybe, maybe not. One thing is certain: different. I am throwing a party thurs for my mom’s 70th birthday and I will give her the love you couldn’t give to your mamma yesterday. I can only hope that you find what you are looking for. For what it’s worth (as a mom myself) I would be proud to have my son grow up and be a man like you.

  • Mandy

    Sean, I hope that your day was ok. I just read your post. I know what you mean though, I see people with their dads, and it just sort of sucks. Granted, I only lost my dad almost 7 years ago, but still. You know, I look down the road and realize for my wedding, I have to figure out who will walk me down the aisle, my daughter never gets to know the man that I loved with all of my heart. So I am sorry that you lost your mom Sean but I think she would be proud of you, you are a pretty good guy! 🙂

  • boy smile

    proud. she would be proud…and probably overly-involved. that’s just what they do.

    nice talking to you the other day. i liked it enough that i’m contemplating a repeat.

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