I like you, I just don’t LIKE like you

So I had an interview this week for a position that I want a tremendous amount.  It is, right now, the perfect job for me.  I would be playing to my strengths and interests while actually contributing in a meaningful way to the organization.  And I would be getting paid.    

So I had my interview, which I felt prepared for, and everything started out fine until I realized that he was not following the company issued 1-2-3 interview script.  I actually didn’t realize that we had started until we were 5 minutes in.  Now the hiring manager is a sharp guy, and he hit all the relevant points.  My confusion comes from the fact that there are around 3-5 other candidates, and he wasn’t taking notes.  

If the interview was a date, I would say that it went really well.  We built some rapport, there was some professional chemistry.  He shares a bit of my organizational interest.  It was about 60-40 as far as who spoke more, but it was a nice give and take.  I am perfect for this spot, and am not sure how much that utter perfection came across.

So if it was a date, I would say that it went well.  Then I remember how I am no good at dating, and the panic that I may be stuck in my current position any longer makes me ill.

The Author

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a management consultant in Seattle, WA