How To Win Friends

So I was talking to a friend today, and she mentioned that I come off as the following: An ass, a bit abrasive, a bit harsh, etc.

She mentioned that I could probably communicate more effectively and appropriately.

She is right. My struggle has always been how i package my reaction to ridiculous things people say, and do. Everyday folks blow my mind, and I have a hard time concealing my surprise, or contempt. Any tips?

  • Tam

    Well you could start by not raising that left eyebrow ^ as you are prone to do and wincing as if you are in pain from trying to hold back. lol that is just a dead give away so of course someone is going to ask what the face is about and then YOU just have to tell them. lol

  • Tam

    …or you could just not worry about the ridiculously pc correct, tree hugging, cant tell someone their fly is unzipped without worry of it being sexual harrasment world we live in, be yourself and have people accept you for who you are. it might take longer to reach the top but do you want to reach it on their terms or yours?

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Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a management consultant in Seattle, WA