How To Save Your Contacts

I often see Facebook posts to the effect of “I lost all my contacts, send me your number”.

Seeing this repeatedly, from the same people is what prompts this post.

First, did you know Facebook has its very own phonebook? It’s accessible via your friends list. Click on Account, Edit Friends, and then on the left you should see “phonebook”. Here you will see all of your friends that have added their phone numbers to their profile.

Why would you add your phone number to your Facebook profile? Well, for starters it helps your friends who actually want to call you. Second, if say, you dropped your phone in the pool, and got a brand new smartphone, it would let you sync those contacts right back to it. No manual entry required.

But maybe Facebook isn’t your thing. That’s cool; I bet if 500 million people jumped off a bridge you’d just go back to watching Jeopardy! All of the major webmail providers offer address books. Yahoo MailGmailHotmail all offer addresses books. All offer upload and download of contacts and will continue to work if your phone explodes.

Try one, use one. Stop posting SOS’s. Know your tools.

The Author

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a management consultant in Seattle, WA