How To Save $20 Bucks On Your Wireless Bill Now

*UPDATE* 2/1/2011 A caveat dear reader, you may save more or less depending on your current situation. You may not save much of anything if you are currently on a corporate sponsored plan via your employer. MY APOLOGIES MATT. -Sean

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I love optimizing as much as I love saving money. Give me a system, a tangible thing, or an idea and I will find a way to make it better. In this post I will show you several quick ways save a minimum of $20. Im just putting cash in your pocket, so read on.

Got a cell phone? Want to pay less for your service? Follow the step below. Save money.

Go to Validas and once you have it analyze your bill it will provide you with the best deal available based on your needs. This takes into consideration factors such as carrier, home/work location, and your personal feature(text, data, voice) requirements. Potential savings over $20 a month.

Validas also offers an analysis of your cell phone usage and service and will even generate an email to your cell phone carrier to help you change your wireless plan.

Thank me later or just sent me a cut of your new wireless savings.

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Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a management consultant in Seattle, WA