How To Kick Ass In One Easy Step

Are you ready? This is the step. Act. Do something, anything at all, but act.

You may have had a situation in your life where you realized 5-10 min after the fact what you should have said or what you should have done. Hindsight is 20/20. I know personally I have moments of clarity when I knew exactly what I should have done, but simply failed to execute.

I have started my week out very well. I was in a situation and was overcome. I was compelled to take action. I have NO idea what the outcome will be. And at this moment I dont really care. I just savor that moment where purpose, clarity and action collide. Its a great feeling, doing something you know needs to be done, at the right moment.

Seize it.

The Author

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a management consultant in Seattle, WA