Danny Bonaduce Walks Into A Grocery Store

At my local QFC I saw a grown woman in a sheep onesie. It had a hood with ears and a tail. It was to small for her. It was fuzzy. I looked for a spot in the grocery store where I could take a picture, and then go about my shopping business.

Got my camera, I was all set, when this guy blocks my shot. That annoyed me. Or it could have just been hunger. I abandoned my paparazzi moment and grabbed my gummi bears and string cheese. (carbs & protein, don’t judge me)

As I turn the corner to grab the final food group, Doritos I cross paths with

Danny Bonaduce
He is now a local celebrity with a #1 rated radio show here in Seattle, and he was at my local grocer looking for pickling supplies. You read that right. So I’m scrambling to call someone and relate this surreal(for me) scene. I even debated going for the instagram selfie.

Satisfied with my telephone reporting of my encounter I hit the check out.

UNRELATED, one of the checkers looks just like Ryan Gosling. Its like a celebrity safe house or something. BACK TO THE STORY.

I ask the checkout clerk to confirm it’s Donny.

“I dunno man, I think its him…” as Donny slips into line behind me “…if it is he looks *awful*…HEY DONNY HOW’S WORK?!”




The moral of the story kids is don’t talk shit. You never know when a celebrity boxer might slip into your line.

Have you been a shopping cart away from a celebrity? Who was it? Let me know in the comments.

The Author

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a management consultant in Seattle, WA