F*King Germans

I hate my dealership. I really HATE my dealership. I dropped of my Jetta for a simple 5k service, which is just an oil change. I was #2 in line. There was an older gentlemen ahead of me, who was driving a pretty sweet ’02 Golf. We both were getting loaner cars, and he got his first. What do they run out to get for him? He gets to drive away in a nice ’05 Jetta, all shiny and new. So I am feeling pretty good. I can get MY very same car for a loaner. Sweet. So the service guy trots out and gives me the keys to an ’04 Jetta. Now, this isn’t so bad in and of itself. What is bad, is that the car looks like it hasn’t been vacuumed out in weeks AND it smells like wet cats took a dump in it. No lie.

I think to myself, wow, they must be all out of loaner cars. I take a little drive by the alternate lot my dealership uses for all the loaner cars, which are easily identified by a rear window sticker that says, you guessed it ‘Hassle free loaner car’. What do I see on my drive-by, but 10 f*ing brand new Jetta’s. The service guy probably had to HUNT to find the old and busted filthy loaner car to give me.

Damn Germans.

The Author

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a management consultant in Seattle, WA