Use this test to simplify your life It will simplify everything. It’s called the Hell test. I didn’t invent it. Derek Sivers writes about it here: https://sivers.org/hellyeah  How to simplify The test is simple. When presented with a: Choice Decision Menu option Invitation You get the idea. When presented with a choice, replace all yes or [...]

I’m going to show you how to pick the right goals for you. It’s simple to do and requires only your honesty. Picking a goal doesn’t have to be hard. People ask me “What if I pick the wrong one? All that wasted time an energy.” They spin around and around in their head thinking [...]

I love 3×5 cards almost as much as I love human performance. I’ve been thinking about how to best maximize my life potential and progress. Mastery of systems, efficient task management, all of these things are important but what’s the driving force for doing anything? I’d like to suggest the best way to light a [...]

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