Brilliant Idea

Okay, I was hanging out with my good friend Chris when we discovered an idea that I think is brilliant. We were talking about how black folk, particulars me, get screwed as far as never getting a warning when pulled over by cops. Nope, I just get tickets, and it doesn’t matter how fast I was driving either.

Anyway, our idea was to sell a ticket kit designed to help less light folk like myself increase our chances of getting just a warning.

The kit contains a mask, or a simple paper bag with the eyes cut out. When he asks for the license, if you haven’t been shot yet, you pull out our pre-fab license that has…Oh yes…a paper bag picture on the front as well! Pure genius! Given the situation, which should be funny as hell, you get out of a ticket, and all for $9.95. Operators are standing by.

The Author

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a management consultant in Seattle, WA