Are You Awesome?

I quit.
I quit sucking . I quit accepting being less than awesome. I quit accepting other’s being less than awesome.
I’ve joined a new club, its called club awesome, and unless you pay the admission, not only can you not join, you shouldn’t even really talk about it. Awesome to me means doing, it means being about it. Being awesome means being actively flawed. I think people get hung up on perfect execution, but id rather have crayon scrawls on paper than a masterpiece in my mind. Doing is good.
This probably means I have to make some changes. You cant do what you’ve always done and expect changes. Probably need to fire some folk, build some new habits, and focus on the journey. I hate the between. I like the destination, and even part of the planning but the gap between want and fulfillment kills me.
That’s about the end of my rant. More mad at myself than anything.

The Author

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a management consultant in Seattle, WA