All My Fives: A Super List

work-todo-list-july-6Image by purpleslog via Flickr

I have this limitation in my writing. I haven’t written a list post with more than five items. This is a collection of all my fives you may have missed. Enjoy, or suffer, regardless, leave a comment.

  • 5 Things That Rocked In My 30’s
  • 5 Things I Like
  • 5 Sites I Visit Daily
  • My Top 5 Budgeting Tools
  • 5 Things I Love To Drink
  • Five Things I Would Rather Be Doing Now
  • Most Popular Post Round Up
  • My First Five Years: A Timeline
  • My Next 5 Years: A Timeline Continued
  • Top Five Readers States
  • 5 Comfort Foods
  • 5 Things I Like
  • 5 Things That Gross Me Out
  • Items I Cant Leave Home Without

The Author

Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a management consultant in Seattle, WA