5 Things I Like

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I got the idea from Jason Calcanis, but here are 5 favorites of mine. Enjoy, post your own.

Name: Roomba 530

Description: Press a button, it vacuums your place

Importance: I work long hours. The Roomba lets me maintain a tidy, clean spot without costing me 45 min a week I to vacuum three times a week. Press a button, and it does it every day.

More info: www.irobot.com

Name: Tweetdeck

Description: a desktop application to help you search, manage and maximize your twitter experience

Importance: You are limited in the ways that you can use twitter online. Tweetdeck expands and erinchces that experience by providing additional options.

More info: www.tweetdeck.com

Name: Feedly

Description: A Firefox plugin that lets you view your Google reader feed in a magazine style format.

Importance: I feel a bit overwhelmed when I let my RSS feeds get over 600. Feedly lets approach my feeds like Real Simple, but with my RSS. Makes it nice and approachable

More Info: www.feedly.com

Name: friendfeed

Description: It’s a warehouse for your sharing, pics, bookmarks, RSS feeds, social networking accounts, instant message status messages, friendfeed rounds it all up and shares it in a consolidated, social way.

Importance: With the “like” and “comment” features, you always get pipping fresh hotness from your expanded social circle.

More info: www.friendfeed.com

Name: TiVo

Function: A digital video recorder that learns what shows I like to view, and automatically records them.

Importance: Top notch interface, suggestions are spot on. The best DVR experience out there.

More info: www.tivo.com

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Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a management consultant in Seattle, WA