3 Surefire Ways To Get Crappy Tips

3 Surefire Ways To Get Crappy Tips

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I’ve had some crappy service of late. I thought it was a good idea to really spread this crappy service model around. Now, the list.

1.  Act like my visit is a inconvenience– There are a ton of coffee stands around. Customers are coming for coffee and bluntly to buy a bit of friendship and connection with so please treat them like a huge bother to your day.

2. Don’t smile– Because mean muggin’ is so gloriously rewarding for a customer, it makes visits special.

3. Don’t thank us for coming – Like it or not, at work you are building both a brand and a clientelle. Disregard that, and you make it easy for customers to switch.

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Sean Oliver

Sean Oliver is a product marketing manager in Seattle, WA