June 2010

Men often ask me for advice on what online dating products I would recommend. While many products are worth buying and yet it’s a challenging question because it depends on where a person is at in his learning journey. It’s a reasonable question though. Depending on where a guy is at in his dating game I [...]

Many of my friends have radically different communication styles than me. This is interesting to me because many of my friends are impossible to get on the phone. Some have over the last 10 years, emailed less than 10 times. Friends who would never use Twitter will text almost non-stop. With these thoughts in my [...]

Bickering Is Bad

Great post by AJ. This guy will experiment with anything. But at the same time, I know it’s not good. If you playfully bicker enough, after a few years it stops feeling playful. via Will doing EVERYTHING my wife tells me turn me into the most perfect husband? | Mail Online.