2010 – Sean Oliver


My Top 5 of 2010

Top Song – Ridaz by Eminem Top Book – Making It All Work by David Allen Top Apparel – Icebreaker Top iPhone App -Instagram Top Picture – Hard Times

Many of my friends have radically different communication styles than me. This is interesting to me because many of my friends are impossible to get on the phone. Some have over the last 10 years, emailed less than 10 times. Friends who would never use Twitter will text almost non-stop. With these thoughts in my [...]

The Seattle Neighborhood Parking Problem In many Seattle neighborhoods, off-street parking sucks. The situation is worse when people: park on the street more than 3 days park too close to driveways, making it difficult to enter and exit streets. When you have issues like those described above, help is a phone call away. Contact the [...]