December 2009

Want to know what to do when you are frustrated? A problem I have a few times a year is that I find myself incredibly frustrated. This frustration is triggered by my perceived lack of progress on the insane standards that I hold for myself. When this mood strikes me, I force myself to act, to DO [...]

If you are like Tiger Woods, you have it all. Money, hot wife, fame. But something is missing. That missing piece is your mistress. Lets be honest, you are going to get one. Here are three tips to help you have your cake and keep it too. 1. Use a prepaid mobile phone– These things [...]

Scrabble isn’t a game of who can get the best 6 letter words. It’s a game of points and squeezing 2 letter terms into corners. Mehal Shah takes us through clean (and sometimes dirty) ways to win at Scrabble. Some of his tips include: Thinking of Scrabble as a numbers game, instead of a word [...]

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