2009 – Sean Oliver


With 2009 shutting down I am taking the rest of the week to do my annual review. Using the guidelines Chris Guillebeau lays out in his blog, “The Art Of Non Conformity”. It’s basically taking stock of what didn’t work for you last year, what did work out for you, and your theme and goals for the [...]

I mean try something new. Do something radically different, do something slightly different. What you choose is unimportant, it could be simple phone calls. Do you call people in the afternoon? Try calling them in the morning. Just try something different, and note the results. As 2009, as a whole decade comes to a close, [...]

Want to know what to do when you are frustrated? A problem I have a few times a year is that I find myself incredibly frustrated. This frustration is triggered by my perceived lack of progress on the insane standards that I hold for myself. When this mood strikes me, I force myself to act, to DO [...]

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