July 2008 – Sean Oliver

July 2008

Image via WikipediaToday, some buds of mine lost their jobs at Starbucks Coffee Company. Most had worked for the company over 5 years. It only took 15 to let them go. The ones that didn’t get fired now work in an environment of uncertainty.Personally, I think this SBUX game ends in an acquisition, corporate take [...]

For me, its my sight. I could see since I was born. Every six months, the possibility of losing my sight pops up, and irritates me. I rely heavily on my sight.

I need to stretch my brain, and you dear reader, can benefit. The proposition is simple. You have problems, I have ideas. For the fee of $1, I will provide you with 20 ideas/possible solutions. That is a pretty good value for a buck. I accept paypal. Give me your best shot.

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