June 2008

My Top Traits

Personality Patterns Visit SignalPatterns.comto get your own! olivse’sDiscover People like olivse Brad Welch Jamie Doyle Sean Kohalmy Iain Parkes Sam Hartman Giancarlo Hern Visit SignalPatterns.comto see more! setTimeout(function() { switchPage($('page2'), $('page1')); }, 5000); function switchPage(whichIn, whichOut) { new Effect.Fade(whichOut, {duration:3, from:1.0, to:0.0, queue:'front'}); new Effect.Appear(whichIn, {duration:3, from:0.0, to:1.0, queue:'end'}); setTimeout(function(){switchPage(whichOut, whichIn)}, 11000); } Related articlesSignal [...]

No Complaints

Two quick facts. I have a man crush on Tim Ferriss because he ACTS. That quality I want to magnify in myself. Second, I am prone to frequent bouts of rage. Now, truth be told, ridiculous stuff, legitimate rage inducing stuff does happen to me.Image by chesh2000pro via FlickrTo my point. I am starting a [...]

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