May 2008

1. All Canadian cars have block warmers. If you don’t know, well look it up on Google.2. They produce tremendously awesome accents, eh. Seriously, its better than the Austrailian, or European accents. “There’s a moose loose in the house, and its drinking water from the hose”. Classic.3.The produce pretty awesome people, on average.Canada rocks.

Ok. Go!

I have been looking for a strategy game for a few days. The game is called Go. It is an ancient game of Japanese origins that simulates battle. Its a bit like checkers, a bit like chess and a lot of fun. Once I get good at Go I suppose my critical thinking skills will [...]

You Need RescueTime

Image by neilschelly via FlickrEver wonder exactly how much time you are spending on your email, reading that news, or cruising around on MySpace? If you do, then go to RescueTime immediately. The little gadget passively tracks the applications and sites that you spend your time on, and even gives you a way to measure [...]

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