August 2007 – Sean Oliver

August 2007

I’m Cleaning House

I share links all the time. But this blog has started to look a bit like a janky MySpace page. I thought the best way to clean up would be to give all of my links, updates, etcetera their own space. The link is to the left, its called “links” or if you want to [...]

Good, I will tell you. Right now it is The Pick Up Artist on VH1. The stupendousness of this series outshines my meager viewership. The series is a microcosm of life. It is a mirror, reflecting my own past. It wasn’t too long ago, I was one of these doofballs. Completely and thoroughly ineffective with [...]

For a long time I have wanted a way to measure my progress and aggregate the little occurances and happenings in my life. I tried to use and now there is a new beta on the scene,™ check it out.

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