October 2005

Sean Sloganized

This idea isn’t mine, I stole it.  Here are some kick a$$ slogans with my name:This Is The Age Of The Sean Strong And Beautiful, Just Like SeanCome See The Softer Side Of SeanMy Anti-Drug Is SeanYou Can Do It When You Sean ItLittle.  Yellow.  Different.  Sean.Snap Into A Sean!Poppin’ Fresh SeanSean Is Good For YouNothing Works Better Than [...]

The suspense is killing me.For the people who know me, the fact that I am no good at waiting isn’t a surprise.  I am Johnny On Demand.  If I want something, traditionally, I get it right now.  I am not good with waiting.   So if I don’t get news soon, I may fricking burst.  Wish me luck.

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