August 2005

A Collection of Random ThoughtsI like women who wear clothes that fit.  Nothing worse than a skinny gal in her 6’4 brothers sweats and her minivan friend wearing her 15 yo daughters tube top.  Just look at the sizes and note what fits people.I love giant robots.I like brushed aluminum more than I like shiny chrome.Football rules.And, [...]

Fight the Man

Love to post on your Blogger account when you are at work?Don’t want the ‘powers that be’ to see you constantly on the interweb, doing non-work stuff?  Well true believers, I have the cure for what ails you, and its name is Blogger for Word.  Imagine a world where you can post to your blog diretly from [...]


PostSecretis an awesome site to visit if you ever felt like you had the biggest, baddest secret that no one else know. I am always amazed, saddened, and surprised at the things that folks post here. Enjoy.

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