August 2005 – Sean Oliver

August 2005


It’s bad when Dilbert cartoons become more of a documentary of your office, than entertaining doodles.   And in other news, this is the best day I have had in months!

No More Stealie.

If you haven’t picked up the new google desktop search appliance, you need to go here. Now yes, google is the Borg, but I love ‘em.  It’s even more awesome than the first desktop search, which I can’t live without.And the following is a public service announcement.World, please stop F*ing with me.  I have had my tires [...]

A Collection of Random ThoughtsI like women who wear clothes that fit.  Nothing worse than a skinny gal in her 6’4 brothers sweats and her minivan friend wearing her 15 yo daughters tube top.  Just look at the sizes and note what fits people.I love giant robots.I like brushed aluminum more than I like shiny chrome.Football rules.And, [...]

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